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Luxsa Spa

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Luxsa comes from the Sanskrit language and translates as “healing – health through water”. This philosophy together with the ancient Thai healing methods based on the four body elements of earth, water, air and fire, forms the basis of the concept at Luxsa Spa.

One of the top 35 best new spas in the world in 2012 (Conde Nast), Luxsa Spa offers a sanctuary for the senses, as well as a memorable and enjoyable experience for our guests.

Our treatment rooms include:

  • 1 premier private suite with jacuzzi bath and shower surrounded by tropical gardens
  • 2 private spa suites with double massage bed
  • 2 single private spa suites
  • 2 single Thai massage rooms
  • 1 couple Thai massage room with herbal healing

The Four Body Elements

Earth, water, air, and fire – are regarded as the foundation of the whole body in Thai medicine and healing. The constant interaction of the four elements, according to Thai herbalism, gives rise to the processes of the human body and is the impetus behind physical life. It is of vital importance, therefore, to keep the four elements balanced throughout life. During the normal course of one’s life, the elements go in and out of balance in a continuously changing state of health or disease. How are the elements manifesting in your body?

  • Water Element

Water Element (element of motivation and will power)

Liquid qualities of the body are of water element. Imbalance of water element results in symthoms such as blood disease, eyes disorder and bladder and urinary tract infection.

Ingredients: Safflower oil, Lavender oil and Geranium oil

  • Fire Element

Fire Element (element of vition and indulgence)

Warmth and heat qualities of the body are of fire element. Imbalance of fire element results in symthoms such as heart and circulatory system disorder.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Eucalyptus oil and Camphor oil

  • Earth Element

Earth Element (element of peace and harmony)

Solid qualities of the body are of earth element. Imbalance of earth element results in symthoms such as skin and bone disorders and tumors.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Sesame oil and Rosewood

  • Air Element

Air Element (element of movement and dynamism)

Moving qualities of the body are of air element. Imbalance of air element results in symthoms such as pneumonia, mucous congestion and tuberculosis.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, Rice bran oil and Sweet Basil

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